Thursday, December 3, 2009

Perodua Viva Details - Fuel Consumption - Monthly Installment Price

Perodua Viva Fuel Consumption :

Viva 1.0 (auto) RM0.1842-RM0.2 per kilometer
Viva 1.0 (Manual) RM0.1458-RM0.157 per kilometer
Viva 850 (manal) RM0.155 per kilometer
Viva 660 (manual) RM0.14-RM0.149 per kilometer

Note: The Perodua Viva Fuel Consumption above is an average value (RM2.7/litre of fuel) of survey around the internet from Perodua Viva Owner. It is a real review by Perodua Viva 660, 850 and 1.0 cc owner.
Perodua Viva Prices

Perodua Viva 660cc MT Solid: RM28,400
Perodua Viva 660cc MT Metallic: RM28,800
Perodua Viva 850cc MT Solid: RM32,500
Perodua Viva 850cc MT Metallic: RM32,900
Perodua Viva 1000cc MT Solid: RM36,800
Perodua Viva 1000cc MT Metallic: RM37,200
Perodua Viva 1000cc AT Solid: RM39,800
Perodua Viva 1000cc AT Metallic: RM40,200
Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium MT Solid: RM40,800
Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium MT Metallic: RM41,200
Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium AT Solid: RM43,800
Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium AT Metallic: RM44,200

Perodua Viva Price on the road And Monthly Installment Payment:

ViVa 660 EX *S RM 28,400.00 Monthly RM 327.00
ViVa 660 EX *M RM 28,800.00 Monthly RM 333.00
ViVa 850 EX *S RM 32,500.00 Monthly RM 375.00
ViVa 850 EX *M RM 32,900.00 Monthly RM 380.00
ViVa 1.0 SX *S RM 36,800.00 Monthly RM 425.00
ViVa 1.0 SX *M RM 37,200.00 Monthly RM 429.00
ViVa 1.0 SXi *S RM 40,800.00 Monthly RM 471.00
ViVa 1.0 EZ *S RM 39,800.00 Monthly RM 460.00
ViVa 1.0 EZ *M RM 40,200.00 Monthly RM 464.00
ViVa 1.0 EZi *S RM 43,800.00 Monthly RM 506.00
ViVa 1.0 EZi *M RM 44,200.00 Monthly RM 510.00
Note:- *S for Solid colour. *M for Metallic.

Colurs available for perodua viva:
Solid : Ivory White
Metallic : Glittering Silver, Passion Red, Pearl Jade dan Tropical Green.

Modified Perodua Viva



Available perodua Viva Body Kit


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